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About Ryan and Victor

Victor had a vocabulary of over 2000 words. As a result he was the first parrot in the world to develop full blown speech. His audio and video recordings show how he developed an extraordinary sense of humor and how he could find laughter in almost any situation. Even though his recordings are funny and often come with his own unique sense of humour, do not be mistaken, this is no joke, he was a real budgie that truly understood what he was saying..

We are still bewildered by the scientific community and people in general that do not really know the true intelligence of birds and especially budgies.


  • Ryan has over 15 years experience in translating and captioning budgie/parakeet talk. During this time he has developed some of the most context rich audio and videos ever produced that show extremely high intelligence in budgies.


"If you doubt that Victor is real, listen to him with your budgie, as some will often begin to react when they hear Victor."                                            

Ryan Reynolds, Parrot Intelligence Researcher


Being skeptical of things that defy scientific explanation is natural and healthy for most humans. It makes us feel good that we know we are not fools by believing in everything people say without seeing the proof. However, once the proof is presented to you in a way that can no longer be refuted you should not hold on to this skepticism, because if you do, you truly become the fool that you have tried so hard not to be. When you first come to this site it is probably normal to have a certain amount of skepticism about it. Hopefully, once you listen to some of the recordings, you will not have any.
The majority of people that come here embrace it for what it really is - a truthful study of a talking parrot that could speak in conversational language. Yet, there are some that think it is not a real budgie talking or that it is a hoax. Anyone who thinks that it is a hoax should take the time to research the area more before they make any uneducated guesses about it not being real. For me it is an injustice when most people are cultured to think that a parrot is not capable of using intelligent speech. I also have concern for those who are just starting an education in related fields for many are led away from the truth that I know. Eventually there will be those that can see the truth, and I challenge them to change the minds of the old school mentality. Many of the leaders in the field have not evolved in their views on animal intelligence for many years. Most scientists have blockages to the most recent advances in animal behaviour and won't budge an inch when it comes to new research such as this. Some of these are my biggest skeptics.                          Ryan Reynolds, Parrot Intelligence Researcher