What is Biological Quantum Communications

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For the past 17 years, I have been very busy translating a treasure trove of sound files and media files that he left me before his death and it has taken me this long to obtain a better understanding of how he was taking advantage of many different types of disguised communications.

Since the growth of digital audio computer programs and the ability to change the direction of speech, reverse speech has continued to be widely studied. The late David Oates seems to have been on the leading edge of it for the past thirty-five years. I have also found myself studying it for about 15 years and concur with a lot of his conclusions. He was convinced that we communicate in forward mode as we are consciously talking and we also broadcast reverse information without conscious thought. At one point on his internet site, he also says it is a connection to the soul and the subconscious mind.

I as well believe that it is a connection to the soul, but I want to cover a few different findings that I will illustrate to you. Primary, ignore all the hype you hear about reverse recordings being evil and in some way associated to the devil. Even if you find evil key phrases in it, it happens because the individual you are dealing with is encountering unpleasant thoughts or quite possibly even more weird, their soul is in a lot of distress, not simply when the soundtrack was made but in the future or maybe even after dying. If you experience what you sense is unpleasant while hearing a reverse recording then it is best to find a different source. If it transpires consistently, then you will know it is time to reevaluate your own place on the path to spiritual growth. If you believe in a trusting and loving God whose foremost purpose is to prevent pain and misery not just for yourself but others, then you should have no dilemma figuring out the difference between what is truly evil and what is something that a caring Spirit would want to pass on to you through the angels.

So why is it possible that this unique relationship has a way to pick up an individual's emotions or thoughts following death? It is an exceedingly accepted fact that the majority of religions assume that the soul is eternal. On the other hand, when we uncover proof of paranormal incidents taking place because of it, we over and over again find these events tremendously tough to consider. If we can, really believe that the soul is eternal, then we can begin to thoroughly grasp what comes about in the metaphysical. In the metaphysical or spiritual world, as in association with the quantum world, there is no correlation between space and time, for like a vast super-computer, everything is happening at once and certain programs really rely on others to work properly. The operating system of God helps to keep everything to do with the soul functioning, and spiritual progression is the anti-virus that modifies it any time it gets corrupted.

Do you really recognize what occurs with the enormous amounts of atoms in our own remains when we die? In the end, they do not just disappear altogether, they end up all over the place. As soon as you perish, decomposition takes place at the quantum level with the molecules that make up your body and they are broken down and incorporated into fresh molecules. If you also believe in rebirth like I do, after that the atoms are brought together in a new life form and born again later on, still keeping that relationship to the everlasting soul.

Through my studies with reverse recordings, I've found we are able to actually connect with ourselves and other people through them after we die. Exactly how is that possible? When we die and if we have had positive spiritual evolution, we can have eternity to do whatever we desire that is decent. So then, in supposition, we could act in response to and intercede with not only our own past but anybody else that we feel we might produce positive change in. This answers paranormal occurrences such as miracles, ghosts, apparitions and chanelling by means of the spiritual world. It is a transformative part of the driving force during a quantum existence that has an effect on change in our soul. It focuses on considerably less pain and suffering throughout every life process of ourself and individuals we have cherished during past lifetimes and helps bring about a speedier spiritual evolution of these souls. It is the very method that God uses to shield mankind which prevents its comprehensive annihilation. It is also how He reverses evil that causes pain and torment for us. Without a doubt, evil can be corrected and each and every one of us has the opportunity to help in God's master strategic plan that will eventually see mankind experience significantly less of it as we evolve spiritually.

As I worked with human reverse recordings in the past I have found, similar to the late David Oates, I was indeed able to pick up assorted apparent sentences that related much to what the person was saying. In an experimental case I did a reversal of a man who did a TV interview and afterward was charged and convicted of murdering his spouse. The reversal evidently revealed numerous examples of him subconsciously talking about the way he did the murder. It was a little frightening mainly because I sensed I was listening to pure evil. Consequently, I never did a reversal of a suspected killer again. I have found that a number of the human reversals I have done in the past have more information in them than others and sometimes when I do them it seems that I have a better than average connection to the spiritual world which attracts added spiritual communication. For the objectives now, I do not do human reversals, other than when I am translating a recording of my budgerigars Victor and Maylor. I have found that because they are uncontaminated in thought when they communicate, there is a much stronger connection to the spiritual world with them, allowing me to translate everything they say in reverse. Sometimes, I observe that their reversals are even more convincing and contain more context then the forward recordings and that was enormously astonishing. The reason for this pertains to quantum mechanics as most of these little pets have a much stronger and deeper interconnection to the quantum world and are able to communicate without a doubt in both directions. Anatomically it tends to make good sense that they are able to because they are equipped for generating more than one form of communication in different frequency ranges and you just have to recognize and adjust to yourself to the exact frequency to fully understand them. Quantumly, this is also related to the manner atoms exchange information with each other when they are entangled. If 2 electrons are brought close together or make contact they soak up a number of the characteristics of the other one and it is referred to as entanglement. The minute they are entangled they rotate in the exact opposite direction of the other one, and if you separate them and create change in one, change in the other will happen at precisely the same moment in time no matter how far apart they are.

So how do I prove what I am saying in fact, occurs with the reverse recordings of a budgerigar? I illustrate this by presenting to you some example cases of simple audio files I recorded of Victor when he first began conversing in 1999.  In the example cases I will present the original forward recording that is frequently somewhat hard to understand. Then, in the reversal, you actually will be able to hear him communicating many contextual phrases that one would normally not hear without the software. Still more odd is the fact that it keeps going throughout the entire recording and he repeatedly completes the forward key phrase in reverse. Going even further than that, my own verbal communication in forward mode, which is frequently not much more than me just coaching him as he talks, is answering with intelligence without my knowledge to what he is expressing in reverse.